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What children eat in their earliest months impact them for the rest of their lives and we’re committed to improve the lives of millions of children through better nutrition in their first years…

OrphanNutrition.org Now Trilingual with New Interactive Features

When OrphanNutrition.org was launched by Joint Council on International Children’s Services as part of A Child’s Best Start (ACBS) in 2012, our vision was to create a global-reaching resource for caregivers and child welfare organizations dedicated to improving the nutrition conditions of children living without parents.

Together with our ACBS program partners, the Mead Johnson Foundation and the SPOON Foundation, we are pleased to announce that OrphanNutrition.org is now trilingual – available in English, Mandarin, and now Spanish.

Additional updates to the site include an interactive “e-Learning Hub,” for caregivers and child welfare organizations responsible for caring for children in institutional settings.  The e-Learning Hub features virtual training toolkits on a variety of topics – such as “Feeding Children in Institutional Care” – and houses materials including:

  • Video tutorials and visual content on best nutrition care practices;
  • Downloadable handouts for use to help guide and evaluate trainings; and
  • PowerPoint presentations with helpful tips and educational information.

The Orphan Nutrition e-Learning Hub is designed to equip caregivers around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to positively impact the health of children living without families, and with difficult health challenges.  While the e-Learning hub will only be available via the English version of the site during its development stages, we have plans to customize content for other geographies over time.


Orphan Nutrition Program

On September 20, 2011 Joint Council announced a new global program, piloting in twelve countries, targeting the nutritional needs of institutionalized children with a specific focus on preventative nutritional measures for children 0-2 years of age.  A website resource, www.OrphanNutrition.org, is now available with research on this vulnerable population and tools for caregivers.

For more information on this exciting new program, click here.



Immediate Impact

With the support of the Mead Johnson Nutrition Foundation and the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), along with Joint Council Partner Love Without Boundaries, bottles were purchased to feed children in more than 1,000 orphanages in China which included educational materials and a training DVD on how to properly feed babies born with cleft. Since the distribution of the bottles, babies with cleft can now feed properly and can more easily receive the proper nutrients for healthy development.

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