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Good intentions are only a part of what it takes to serve children. It also takes credible research, educated professionals and volunteers and informed government policies.  Without these key pieces, good intentions, passion and energy can sometimes generate results that were unintended…or worse.
Conducting research, educating professionals, volunteers and families and informing governments is a large part of what we do at Joint Council. Through our annual conference, medical institute, research reports and international advocacy, we help create the environment that allows children to be served in a way that truly helps them, keeps them safe and protects their rights.

The 38th Annual Child Welfare Symposium (formally known as the Annual Conference & Orphan Medicine and Nutritional Institute)

Our annual Symposium will be held on April 7th-9th, 2014, in San Francisco, CA. Join us for three days of compelling presentations on topics ranging from adoption medicine and orphan nutrition to government policy and best practices. Click here for more information.

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