Building the Capacity to Do Good

The CapGo Initiatives


Capacity: the ability to do.

Good Intentions are never enough.  Governments, NGOs and professional service providers need financial resources, educational opportunities and strong leadership to serve children and families in a way that truly meets their needs.  This year, we provided on-site training and distance learning to over 600 unique professionals both in the U.S. and abroad, we increased U.S. funding for children and family services, and we cultivated 18 emerging leaders through our Foreign Visitors Training & Exchange Program and Intern Development Programs.

building capacity through training

Distance Learning
9 Webinars educating child welfare professionals and families
1,673 Participants
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Orphan Nutrition
Online Nutrition Resource & Training Platform
In 3 languages reaching caregivers in 38 countries
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building capacity through education

37th International Child Welfare Symposium & Medical Institute (2014)
IMPACT: Provided 3 days of training and development for over 200 attendees from 8 countries.

IMPACT: Informing over 6,000 unique professionals each month

2015 Conference – Putting Family First: Family Strengthening to Adoption
Our joint conference with National Council For Adoption – Putting Family First: Family Strengthening to Adoption – will be held June 21-24, 2015, in Arlington, VA (Washington DC metro area). Join us for three days of compelling presentations on topics ranging from family strengthening, foster care, reunification, local/intercountry adoption and health and nutrition.  To learn more, please visit our website by clicking here, or click here to read a letter from the CEOs of Joint Council and NCFA.

Conference early bird registration is now open: sign up here, then make sure to book your hotel here!

 strengthening today’s leaders

Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program
A safe permanent family for every child is a cause not yet fully embraced by all societies.  At Joint Council we are committed to changing that fact.   Our Emerging Leadership Program identifies , cultivates, educates and supports  professionals and government officials who are  positioned to make ‘a  family for every child’ a priority for society… and a reality for all children.

IMPACT: 100% of the ELS participants reported; the curriculum and presentations at the Symposium were applicable to their current studies or work; their participation at the Symposium was helpful in strengthening their professional network; their expanded network of colleagues in their work or studies along with  their interaction with  Joint Council’s team of professionals as the most important aspects of the their participation.

2014 ELS Awardees
Mr. Desalegn Berhe                           ETHIOPIA
Mr. Devendra Kumar Behera             INDIA
Mr. Nelson Georges                           HAITI
Ms. Liz Mehaffey                                USA
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Neville                USA

Family First Intern Program
The Family First Internship Program provides 4-month rotating internships for six (two per rotation) qualified college and graduate school students.  Each internship includes a substantive research or policy project, ongoing education on public policy and non-profit management, a staff mentor, participation in 2 or more external policy workshops, career networking opportunities, post-program support and a competitive stipend.

IMPACT: 83% of former interns report their internship was a good learning experience. 33%  are now working in the non-profit sector with an additional 50% finishing their undergraduate or graduate studies.

2014 Interns
Katie Dudley, Symposium Intern, Spring 2014
Shannon Berenbaum, Partnership Intern, Summer 2014
Michelle Laflam, Partnership Intern, Summer 2014
Amanda-T Schlichte, Education and Research Intern, Fall 2014
Julie Flower, Partnership Intern, Fall 2014
Therese Oertel, Communications and Social Media Intern, Fall 2014

Meet Our 2015 Interns here!

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