Advocating on Behalf of Forgotten Children

Government Relations Initiatives…

In the U.S. and Internationally

Advocating: the act of arguing in favor of a cause, idea or policy.

All children have a basic human right to life, to education, freedom, and to a safe, nurturing  and permanent family.  With human rights as a core value, we use our unique position as a respected and sought after leader to create laws, regulations and policies which protect children and end their suffering.


This year Joint Council continued its leadership of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group which resulted in a  historic tax law, the Adoption Tax Credit.  IMPACT: The ATC provides 13,000 in tax deductions and helps over 70,000 children move from foster care and orphanages into permanent families each year.

As co-founder and current co-chair of the Children in Adversity Policy Partnership, we bring together over 40 organizations to strengthen and implement the US Government Action Plan for Children in Adversity (a first-ever comprehensive approach to U.S. foreign assistance to children).  IMPACT: The Action plan included for the first time ever, a mandate which includes over 2 billion dollars in US foreign assistance to ensure that all children live within a safe nurturing family.

In 2013 and continuing throughout 2014, Joint Council was asked by Congressional leaders to be a founding member of the Children in Families First Initiative (CHIFF) which helped create and support the Children in Families First Act of 2013. IMPACT: If enacted, CHIFF would create a new, high level office in the U.S. Department of State to ensure that U.S. diplomatic activity promoted a core value of American society—family care for all children.


In 2014 Joint Council was once again asked to provide consultations to the Government of Haiti in the areas of child protection and implementation of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.  IMPACT: Working with U.S. based, Haitian non-profits and the government of Haiti, Joint Council helped craft an implementation process that supported family preservation and ensured the continuation of adoption for over 400 children each year.


At the invitation of the Government of India, Joint Council has over the past 8 years trained over 400+ professionals and government officials, provided numerous consultations on child welfare and in 2014 partnered with 12 non-profits and India’s Central Authority on Child Welfare to assess India’s new child protection and adoption laws.   IMPACT:  Beginning with our 2013 partnership and continuing into 2014, our work with the Indian government, Joint Council Partners and Operation Smile, resulted in new policies that allow for the first time ever, 16,000 children in institutions to be eligible for cleft pallet surgeries if needed.

And More…

Through our Partners and Staff, Joint Council worked with governments in 18 countries.



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