Advocacy: the act of pleading or arguing in favor of a cause, idea or policy.

A child’s right to live in a safe, permanent and loving family is a no-brainer, right?  Wrong!  Believe it or not, for many governments and non-profits family-life is not considered a key indicator to a child’s well-being.  Family-life is not even included in the United Nations Millennium Goals nor is it one of UNICEF’s five focus areas.  Much is done to ensure children physically survive however too little is done to ensure that they don’t die the type of death that comes from living without a safe and life-long family.
A large part of what we do is to advocate for laws, policies and programs that makes family-life not only a legal right, but a reality for the children of our world.  Here are just a few examples of how we have worked to remove barriers, affect change and help over 25,000 children become part of a permanent family.
Campaigns & Initiatives  International Relations

Campaigns & Initiatives

Guatemala 5000 (2007-current)

A multi-year campaign which resulted in the adoption of over 4,000 children.  By leading the effort to secure a ‘grandfather’ clause into the 2007 Guatemalan adoption legislation, children were permitted to be adopted rather than languish in orphanages.  With over 160 children now waiting over 4 years, our efforts to end their isolation continue. FFFFFFFF Donate to the Guatemala 5000

The Kyrgyz 65 (2008-current)

65 children were about to be adopted in 2008 when the unexpected suspension of all adoptions ended their chance to be united with their adoptive parents.  For the past two years we have partnered with the waiting families, traveled to Kyrgyzstan, met with the Kyrgyz Parliament, Ambassador, UNICEF and others all with a goal of lifting the suspension for the 65 children and for so many others who wait alone in Kyrgyz orphanages. FFFFFFFFFFFFF Donate to The Kyrgyz 65

International Relations Initiative

In alignment with our mission of advocating for children in need of permanency, Joint Council’s International Relations Initiative is designed to develop relationships, resolve issues, create collaborations and expand opportunities, all with a goal of advancing the cause of permanency for children in need.
Joint Council has several country-specific initiatives (China, Ethiopia, Haiti, India) where our efforts are more focus and effective.  While we participate and work in many countries around the world, our efforts are concentrated in the aforementioned countries.  Our Partners have expertise in many regions and areas of child welfare (from advocacy to nutrition to adoption).

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