Vietnam: Summary of Joint Council’s Vietnam Survey Initiative


Joint Council thanks all families currently in the adoption process with Vietnam who completed the Vietnam Survey. Survey results are still being compiled but will be posted once the results have been assessed. Following is a summary of this important initiative:

As part of our ongoing efforts, we have joined forces with Ethica and the National Council for Adoption to provide a new tool in our collective advocacy initiative. A survey for families trying to adopt from Vietnam is now available through the Joint Council website. This survey is a vitally important means of gathering the information our three organizations need to properly advocate for adoptive families.

This survey will allow us to gauge the situation in each country, assess the number of families in each stage of the process and provide accurate data to those seeking to advocate on behalf of families and children. The survey results will be an important tool in positively resolving many outstanding issues. This survey will assist the families as well, by providing them with a new accurate perspective and relevant information regarding the status of their adoption as compared to other adoptive families.

Joint Council, Ethica and NCFA offer our thanks for your role in making this initiative successful as we continue to advocate for every child’s right to a safe, permanent and loving family.

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