Vietnam: New Intiative for I-600s


In September 2007, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) announced plans for their new initiative related to I-600 filings and determinations. It is our understanding that USCIS will rullout this initiative within the coming weeks. Joint Council has been involved in the development of this initiative and has advocated for a three week (21 day) window from formal publication of the initiative to effective date. Despite our advocacy for a pulicy which would minimize the negative impact on potential adoptive parents (PAPs) and children, it is our understanding that the window will be one week (7 days).

Given the anticipated short time from publication to effective date and the pending implementation of the initiative, it is our recommendation that all adoption service providers reassess their program specific to PAPs travel and filing of I-600s. Failure to fully assess the impact of this new USCIS initiative may result in PAPs being in Vietnam for an extended period of time while a determination of the I-600 is processed.

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