Vietnam: Joint Council’s Position Regarding Vietnam


The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is pleased to clarify Joint Council’s position regarding the current Vietnam negotiations, specific to an earlier post issued on March 7, 2008:

Joint Council continues to advocate for all JCICS member and affiliate organizations with programs in Vietnam and those hoping to establish them. It is, however, important to bear in mind that Joint Council is not alone in this conversation. As we all know, there are multiple entities, governmental and non-governmental, involved in the on-going negotiations around re-establishing the MOA between the US and Vietnam. As a contribution to these negotiations, Joint Council offered the recently created Standards of Practice for Vietnam – a document all involved parties recognized as “a key element of elevating child welfare services….”

Joint Council encourages Vietnam’s movement toward functional implementation of the Hague Convention and, pending that eventuality, strongly supports continuation of programs and agency licensure based on best practice as outlined in the Joint Council Standards of Practice for Vietnam.

Additionally, we have issued a post regarding the “rolling nature” of the COA/DOS list of Hague accredited agencies initially released on February 29, 2008. Our newest post can be accessed at /Hague.htm. The Hague list of accredited agencies issued on February 29th was only an initial release. As we noted on March 3rd, many other Joint Council agencies will finalize their Hague Accreditation and be added to the list, both before and after April 1, 2008.

Again, Joint Council continues to advocate on behalf of all our member and affiliate organizations. Adoption service providers and prospective adoptive families are encouraged to contact Joint Council staff and the Joint Council Board of Directors with any questions regarding the “rolling nature” of the Hague accreditation process as well as for up-to-date information regarding Joint Council members currently pursuing accreditation.

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