Vietnam: Joint Council to Host Delegation


As part of the Joint Council International Relations Initiative, we are honored to host a 9-member delegation from Vietnam from March 24 th through April 2nd. The delegation, led by Vice-Minister of Justice Dinh Trung Tung, will attend the Joint Council Conference and Institutes, meet with adoptive families and participate in a planned series of meetings with leaders in U.S. child welfare and government agencies.

With a goal of advancing the relationship and understanding between the peoples and governments of the United States and Vietnam, this visit will include an exchange of information on the Hague Convention and child protections along with discussions on key elements of and opportunities for an interim agreement. Joint Council looks forward to learning of Vietnam’s plans in these very important areas.

Adoptive Families

We are also very pleased to incorporate opportunities for the delegation to meet with children and their parents who lovingly adopted from Vietnam. It is our goal to provide a social forum where adoptive families can offer their important perspectives, discuss the challenges unique to adoptive families and demonstrate the positive impact of intercountry adoption.

While the details of our social forums have not been fully developed, we can inform you that they will occur in Indianapolis IN and Washington DC. We will publish the dates, times and locations as they are developed.

Thank You

This initiative was made possible through a generous and significant donation from an anonymous adoptive family. Joint Council is especially appreciative of our donor family. Having adopted from a country other than Vietnam, experiencing a recent employment termination and being impacted by the economic crisis, their donation demonstrates their humble commitment and concern for children in need of a family. We again thank them for their remarkable contribution.

Joint Council also extends its gratitude to Mr. John Meske of Faith International for his instrumental role and leadership in making this hosting a reality.

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