Uruguay approves $513,000 settlement for disappearance, illegal adoption during dictatorship

February 8, 2012

From The Washington Post with Foreign Policy:

Uruguay’s president has approved a $513,000 payment to Macarena Gelman, who was illegally adopted during the dictatorship after her mother was tortured and disappeared.

The payment complies with an Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling that accuses Uruguay of delaying justice for crimes committed by its dictatorship in the 1970s, according to a brief statement posted Tuesday on the presidency’s website.

Gelman’s parents were kidnapped in Argentina and taken to a torture center notorious for being a nexus of Operation Condor, the effort by South America’s U.S.-supported dictatorships to combine forces and eliminate opponents in each other’s countries.

Her father was then killed and her pregnant mother spirited to Uruguay, where she disappeared after giving birth in a military hospital.

Decades passed before Macarena Gelman learned her true identity, as the granddaughter of renowned Argentine poet Juan Gelman.

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