Update: Russian Ban on Intercountry Adoption

Joint Council continues to actively advocate for a positive resolution to the pending intercountry adoption ban in Russia.  Russian Federal Law No. 186614-6 has been passed by the Russian parliament and awaits President Putin’s signature.  If President Putin, who announced Wednesday that he intends to sign the law, does so it would effectively ban intercountry adoptions to the United States.  It is unknown at this time if adoptions that are in-process would be permitted be completed.  However, the bilateral agreement signed by the United States and Russia earlier this year requires one year advanced notice prior to any closure of intercountry adoption and requires that all in-process cases be grandfathered.  We continue to advocate for the children and families that are currently in process and hope the adoptions will be permitted to continue to finalization.

Reacting to the recent developments, Tom DiFilipo, President and CEO of Joint Council on International Children’s Services said, “Now is the time for President Putin to demonstrate his leadership as a Russian and world leader by putting the remnants of the Cold War and politics behind us.  This is his moment to be a true hero for the children of Russia.  We urge Putin to not sign Federal Law No. 186614-6 and to give the children of Russia every opportunity for a permanent, safe family.”

Joint Council reminds those families who are in the process of adopting from Russia of the U.S. Dept. of State’s requests that families currently in the process of adopting a child from Russia email the Department of State at AskCI@state.gov.  Families should state the stage and status of their adoption and use “Intercountry Adoption in Russia – Family Update” in the subject line of the email

Joint Council will continue to engage in collaborative efforts with and through US and Russian government officials, the Department of State, Congressional offices, Joint Council Partners, NGOs and advocates in both countries.  We will provide updates on this situation as they become available.  To receive Joint Council updates regarding Russia, individuals are urged to sign up for our Russia email alerts, which can be done by clicking here (Select “Country and Issue Specific Information” and then select “Russia”).

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