Ukraine: US Adoptive Families Must Submit Missing Post Placement Reports


Important Message on Post Placement Reports

Currently the Ukrainian government is citing that they are missing post placement reports for approximately 900 children who were adopted to the United States between 1996 and 2004. Ukrainian adoption officials have indicated that unless families submit their missing reports, it is possible that Ukraine will not continue to allow Ukrainian children to be adopted in the US.

It is possible that many families are not aware of their failure to comply with post placement reporting or of the impact that their failure to comply could have on children who continue to wait in Ukraine. JCICS does not have a list of adoptive families that are missing post placement reports nor the agencies which assisted them in their adoptions. The Department of State cannot contact families directly or distribute any list, due to the Privacy Act in the US. At this point in time word of mouth and agency assistance is our best resource in reaching out to families. We are working with the Department of State, the US Embassy in Kiev and other NGOs to explore other solutions.

It is important that parents understand that submitting post placement reports does not, in any way, jeopardize their finalized adoption. Equally critical is that they understand that submitting annual reports was a commitment they made to the Ukrainian government at the time of adoption.

We are asking that any families who have adopted from Ukraine since 1996 review their records to confirm that they have sent post placement reports.

If you know of any families who have questions or may need assistance in submitting their reports, please have them contact the Joint Council office directly at

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support in this critical effort.

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