Ukraine: Transition to SDAPRC


The transition to the new State Department for Adoptions and the Protection of Children (SDAPRC) is continuing. This month, SDAPRC has interviews scheduled for 25 American families whose cases originated under the former National Adoption Center (NAC); another group of families will be interviewed in October. The Ministry of Family, Youth & Sport (of which the SDAPRC is a part) continues to stand by the position Minister Pavlenko announced on July 3 that no new U.S. applications will be accepted until at least January 1, 2007.

On the political front, the Ombudswoman of the Ukraine Parliament, Nina Karpachova, has been calling for a complete moratorium on intercountry adoption but she has not introduced legislation that would do this and we believe that any legislation would fail. The key issue for Ukrainians, including Ms. Karapachova, continues to be missing/delinquent post-placement reports (PPRs). In August, JCICS proactively sent a letter to Ms. Ludmyla Volynets, Director of the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child in the Ministry of Family, Youth & Sports offering our assistance. The State Department has very much appreciated JCICS’ partnership and leadership within the U.S. adoption community to get out the pro-PPR message, and they look forward to continuing their work with JCICS.

The new U.S. Consular General in Kiev, Kandon Taylor, arrived in August and has already met multiple times with SDAPRC director Ludmyla Volynets to explore ways to move forward. Chris Lamora, Chief of the Intercountry Adoption Unit with the Office of Children’s Issues, met last week with the newly arrived Ukrainian consul in Washington, Olena Brezhneva, to further brainstorm on the situation.

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