Ukraine: Memo Issued Asking for Agencies Assistance in Providing Information about Ukraine Adoptees


The Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine has issued the following memo on June 12, 2003 asking for agencies assistance in providing information about Ukraine adoptees.

Summary of memo:

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine would like assistance in promoting the registration of Ukrainian children adopted by US Citizens and to provide the Consular Office with post placement reports from 1996 onwards. According to Ukrainian law, the Embassy shall supervise the registration of adopted children and maintain a database of the post placement reports. Registering allows the adopted child to be added to the list of Ukrainian citizens residing in the United States. This is a legal requirement that all adoptive parents vowed to obey during the adoption process. Through the regular post placement reports the Ukrainian Government is informed of the children’s development with their adoptive parents. The Embassy would also like pictures. This is a formality and in no way endangers the finalized adoption that has been sanctioned by both the Ukrainian and United States governments.

Consular registration of Ukrainian adopted children is available online at To facilitate communication, the reports can be forwarded via e-mail to: or can be sent by mail to the Consular Office of The Embassy of Ukraine at 3350 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007.

Starting May 1, 2003, the agencies that handle adoption cases must include a Ukrainian-language translation of the background report (home study). Home study translations are necessary to compile a unified database of adoption cases. The requirement to include a Ukrainian-language translation of the background report will be waived for those agencies that provide the Consular Office with the post placement reports, who assist in the registration of adopted children in a clear and timely fashion.

Please be aware that the requirement of a Ukrainian translation of home study is not mandatory for prospective adoptive parents who submit their home study and other documents concerning adoption in person at the Embassy of Ukraine.

The US Embassy in Ukraine’s website recently posted the following announcement:

Attention: On June 21, 2001 Parliament of Ukraine amended the Civil Law of Ukraine changing the time for appeal of court decisions from ten to thirty days. This means that you might need to wait thirty days after the court hearing before you can continue the adoption process.

With the growing number of adoptions by American citizens in Ukraine, we now must require notice of at least three (3) business days to schedule an appointment for preparation of the necessary documents needed at the immigrant visa interview in Warsaw. Please do not schedule your travel to Poland or your appointment at the US Embassy in Warsaw until you have received an appointment date with us. We cannot guarantee an appointment date that will accommodate your travel plans. Please review Part X of this document for instructions on how to schedule an appointment.

Please make sure you do not travel to Ukraine to process the adoption without first receiving official invitation from the National Adoption Center of Ukraine (see Part VII for details).

Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website regarding adopting from Ukraine for more information.

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