Ukraine: Joint Council Meeting with Consul-General MaryKay Carlson and Representatives of the US State Department


Joint Council met with Consul-General MaryKay Carlson from the US Embassy in Kiev and representatives of the US Department of State to discuss upcoming changes in the Ukraine system. Presently adoption cases are being processed and new dossiers are being accepted. However, it will be necessary for the Ukrainian government to call a suspension on adoptions while making the transition to a new processing system within the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports. This suspension may occur as early as the end of September or as late as the Spring of 2006. The Ukraine government has said that they will try to keep the suspension to a minimum. It is important that families be aware of the potential for delays in the processing of adoptions occurring throughout the next year or more. Joint Council will continue to follow the situation. When we obtain more information on when the suspension will begin, we will post it on this website.

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