Ukraine: Joint Council Letter to President Yushchenko


The Department of State recently issued the following notice. JCICS sent a letter to President Yushchenko last week. Click here to read the letter.

Ukraine – Government Announces Priority on Children’s Issues

On July 11, 2005, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree ordering all executive bodies of the Government of Ukraine to place the highest priority on state policy for improvement of the child protection system, with special focus on orphaned children and those deprived of parental care. According to the decree, by September 1, 2005, Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers should submit draft legislation with proposals for review by the Ukrainian Parliament, including a proposal for the transfer of adoption authority from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports and the creation of a new central authority for adoptions and children’s issues.

The current National Adoption Center is continuing to accept new dossiers from American and other families at this time.

Pending submission and approval of specific proposals and draft legislation, it remains unclear what impact the transition process will have on pending adoptions. The U.S. Government has urged the Government of Ukraine to allow pending adoptions to be completed during this transition period, and to implement planned changes as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to intercountry adoptions. The Department of State will continue to engage the Government of Ukraine on this issue and provide updates as new information becomes available.

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