Ukraine: Expected Resolution to Dissolve the National Adoption Center


Ukraine’s Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports has announced that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers is expected to issue a resolution in the near future that will dissolve the present National Adoption Center under the Ministry of Education, and establish a new center for adoptions and children’s services in the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports. During this transition period, Ukraine will temporarily suspend intercountry adoptions.

It is not yet clear when these changes will go into effect following issuance of the resolution, or what the impact on pending adoptions will be. The U.S. Government has urged the Government of Ukraine to allow pending adoptions to be completed during this transitional period, and to institute the planned changes as quickly as possible to allow for a prompt resumption of intercountry adoptions. The Department of State will continue to engage the Government of Ukraine on this issue, and to provide updates as new information becomes available.

Ukraine Public Announcement

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