Taiwan: Government expected to pass strict laws regarding adoption of children

November 15, 2011

From The China Post:

The Legislature is expected to pass a law tomorrow to impose stricter regulations on child adoption, a newspaper reported yesterday.

The proposed revisions to the child welfare law address concerns over buying and possible human trafficking arising from Taiwan’s lax regulations, the United Evening News reported.

Currently, adoption can be processed in two ways: one through government-approved organizations and the other through the courts.

It is the court process that has been problematic, the paper said. Any parties can work out a deal for “selling” a child in the form of adoption and then seek the court’s approval without needing to conduct any assessments.

If the proposed changes are implemented, the adoption of children can only be handled by government-approved organizations, unless the children are adopted by their relatives, the paper said.

According to the proposal, organizations will have to conduct family visits and assessments after receiving adoption applications.

Taiwan citizens will have the priority to adopt children over foreigners.

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