Russia: What To Do If Your Agency Is Not Reaccredited


The Russian Ministry of Education has accredited a number of U.S. agencies in mid-May. Since that time, more agencies have been accredited.

Q; What if my agency is not listed?

If your agency has not received re-accreditation they may receive it soon. During the government restructuring last summer, many agency’s accreditation lapsed since the Russian government was experiencing delays. Agencies submitted their accreditation application during the winter and it is our understanding that the first round of agencies accredited were the ones with their completed applications filed first. Russia is accrediting more agencies, but we do not know the exact number of how many or if they will accredit agencies for the first time vs. a re-accreditation.

We suggest that you maintain close contact with your agency during this time. We understand that it is a difficult time for many waiting families, as it is for many waiting children. We ask for your patience and understanding as many factors are out of the agency’s control. You may wish to ask your agency what the back up plan is if they are not accredited. Will they partner with another US agency that is accredited and can you complete your adoption through them? If that is the case, it is important that you are educated and comfortable with the accredited agency as they will now be your placing agency. If you have not been matched with a child yet, you may also wish to inquiry about other country program. However, adoptions in Russia do seem to be proceeding and we are encouraged that children are finding permanent families.

As we state under our Parent’s section of our website, here are some tips on what to do during this trying time:

Be patient

The inter-country adoption process includes many variables, therefore it is impossible to predict an exact timeframe for when you will receive your child. Sometimes, the foreign country may experience political unrest or change the laws governing adoption which would cause a delay in your process. For ideas on how to make the wait for your child easier to bear, consult Coping and Difficulties and Delays As You Wait for Your Child.

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