Russia: Update on Adoption Agency Accreditation Delays


The following announcement was made by the U.S. Department of State on Friday, April 27th:

Update on Adoption Agency Accreditation Delays –

No U.S.-based adoption service providers (adoption agencies) are currently accredited with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Education is currently reviewing adoption agencies’ accreditation applications and has not announced a date by which it will complete this review. These applications for accreditation are also under review by four other Russian ministries: the Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sometimes during the review process, one of these ministries requests additional documents or clarification on some matters. Recently, for example, the Ministry of Justice returned applications to adoption agencies with a request for more information. According to the recently-adopted law on re-accreditation, the Ministry of Education can only issue a license for accreditation if they have approval from the other four ministries.

The U.S. Government has been actively encouraging the Russian government to complete its reviews and proceed with appropriate accreditations or re-accreditations as expeditiously as possible. In addition, the Department of State recently provided to pending U.S. agencies, as well as to the Russian government directly, additional information that the Russian ministries had requested in the context of reviewing these applications. We also stand ready to assist however we appropriately can in answering additional questions that may arise.

We continue to monitor this situation and will update our web site ( should new information become available. We recommend that American prospective adoptive parents in the process of adopting a Russian child(ren) stay in close contact with their adoption agency.


Hague Implentation Staff

U.S. Central Authority

Department of State

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