Russia to sign child adoption deals with European countries

November 15, 2011

From RIA Novosti:

Russia plans to sign bilateral agreements on child adoption with France, the U.K., Holland, Spain and Germany, the country’s ombudsman for children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov, said on Monday.

“The agreement between Russia and France is ready to be signed…and hopefully will be signed on November 18. Agreements with the UK, Holland, Spain and Germany are being worked on,” Astakhov said.

He added that the international child adoptions should be carried only on the basis of bilateral agreements. “If we do not sign bilateral agreements, we should stop child adoption processes with these countries.”

Astakhov said that he still wanted Russian children to stay in Russia. “It is a shame that we export oil, gas and children,” Astakhov went on.

The first bilateral agreement on child adaption between Russia and Italy was signed in 2008. Russia and the U.S. signed an agreement in July 2011 in Washington. At the end of October, Russia finalized an agreement on child adoption with France. Talks on the same deals are being held with Ireland and Israel.

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