Russia: Russian Federal Databank NOT Closed


For the past two days Joint Council has been hearing reports from families and agencies that the Russian federal databank was closed and no longer issuing letters. We are not sure where this information was obtained but it is false.

It was confirmed today by the United States Department of State and embassy in Moscow that the databank is functioning normally. No suspension is imminent or planned for the future. The embassy in Moscow has been in direct conversation with the Ministry of Education and Science and has been assured that all system are functioning as normal.

The Consul General of the US embassy has also been in direct contact with the Minister of Education and Science. He is favorable towards adoption and does not anticipate any problems or interruptions to the system.

Joint Council will continue to monitor the situation in Russia and will update this website as we learn of additional information.

Please Note: Effective September 1, 2004 the Immigrant Visa Unit in Moscow will require three colored full frontal photos (50×50 mm) for adoption visas instead of three-quarter profile photos.

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