Russia: Russia Update on Bilateral Negotiations


The Russian and U.S. media have reported that the governments of Russia and the United States have reached a new bilateral accord on adoptions and expect to sign it within two months. Based on information available to Joint Council, we cannot confirm these reports. However, it is our understanding that the two governments have reached an agreement on principles and continue to work towards an agreement that will ensure the best interest of children is served.

In reaction to the news, Joint Council President and CEO Tom DiFilipo states, “Joint Council commends the continued collaborative efforts of the two governments, as well as the efforts of adoptive families, prospective adoptive families, and NGO’s in Russia and the United States in ensuring that intercountry adoptions between Russia and the United States continues. We are confident and hopeful that the two countries will reach an agreement shortly.”

Joint Council rains actively involved in ensuring the continuation of intercountry adoption in Russia. Our involvement continues through our We Are The Truth Campaign and ongoing advocacy with the Ministry of Education in Russia, U.S. Dept. of State (the Office of Children’s Issues and the U.S. embassy in Moscow), our Member Organizations and other international NGOs, prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents.

Joint Council will remain engaged with all key stakeholders and publish updates as we continue to serve the children of Russia.

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