Russia: Russia and U.S. Talks Move Forward


Earlier today, Russia and the U.S. issued a joint statement on the progress of their talks related to intercountry adoption. In addition, the U.S. Department of State has published a separate statement on intercountry adoption in Russia. Both statements can be found in full below.

Both statements indicate that significant progress has been made and agreement on basic principles of an acord has been reached. From ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders, it is Joint Council’s assessment that a future agreement will most likely include the specific responsibilities of each government, protocols for direct communication between each country’s primary adoption authority, increased post-adoption reports and responsibilities and the utilization of only those U.S. based adoption service providers accredited by the U.S. government (Hague accreditation).

Joint Council fully supports a bilateral agreement and the inclusion of the above noted improvements to the intercountry adoption process. It is our understanding that while agreement has been reached on these and other broad principals, a completed bilateral accord will require additional talks between the two governments and sufficient time to bring clarity and definition to the general agreements.

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