Russia: Documentation Requirements For Families


The US emembassy in Moscow has released the following statement regarding documentation requirements for families traveling to Russia. More information on this and details on all documentary requirements can be found on the US emembassy in Moscow’s Adoption Visa Information Page:

Please be advised that persons adopting orphans should take copies of their past three years’ income tax forms, and other financial documentation with them when they travel overseas. The petitioner must show income equal to 125% of the poverty guidelines for a family the size of the sponsoring and sponsored families combined. Family size includes the petitioner and anyone related by birth, marriage, or adoption living in the household for at least 6 months; persons otherwise dependent on the petitioner if they are listed on the most recent Federal income tax return; and the number of orphans to be adopted:

If the petitioner cannot meet the 125% requirement on the basis of income, either:

(1) the petitioner may provide evidence of assets that are readily available and, combined with the petitioner’s total household income, meet the income eligibility requirement. The value of the “assets” less any offsetting liabilities, must exceed by at least five times the difference between the federal poverty guideline established for the petitioner’s household, and the petitioner’s household income; or (2) one or more additional (joint) sponsors may submit separate affidavits of support on behalf of the intending immigrant. Each joint sponsor must meet the full 125% income eligibility requirement for the beneficiary and all accompanying dependents based on evidence of income alone.


Immigrant Visa Unit

US emembassy Moscow, Russia

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