Russia: Accreditation of Agencies in Russia


According to the U.S. Department of State, the Ministry of Education recently ordered the creation of an accreditation commission by the end of December. The accreditation commission will include representatives from the Ministries of Education, Justice, Internal Affairs and Health and Social Development. Since the Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs are undergoing their own reorganization, it hasn’t yet been determined who will sit on the commission. They will determine which adoption agencies will be reaccredited. The commission is expected to meet at the earliest in mid-January after the Russian holidays. It is expected the agencies in good standing with a good reputation will be automatically re-accredited but no guidelines or specifics have been communicated. At this time, it is not clear which ministry or department will be issuing the accreditation letters. There has also been no indication of how many agencies will be accredited, if there will be a limit on the number, if new agencies will be accredited, or how many will be reviewed at one time. As we learn of new developments we will update this site.

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