Russia: 19,000 Send Letter To President Medvedev and President Obama


As part of Joint Council’s We Are The Truth Campaign, an invitation to all who are concerned about families and children to sign a letter to Presidents Medvedev and Obama. The letter, asking for the uninterrupted continuation of intercountry adoption and the aggressive prosecution of anyone involved in the neglect or abuse of children, was signed by over 19,000 caring individuals. The letters were delivered to both Presidents last week.

As of Monday, April 19, 2010, close to 25,000 have signed. The invitation to add signatures to the letter continues to be open and anyone who has not yet signed is encouraged to do so. As the number of signatures continues to grow, Joint Council will update the governments of Russia and the United States each week. To sign the letter, click here.

Joint Council extends its thanks to everyone who participated in the We Are The Truth Campaign, especially those who demonstrated their commitment to families and children by signing the letters.

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