Romania: New Draft of Proposed Adoption Law


There have been many new developments in Romania over the past few weeks. Romania released a new draft of their proposed adoption law. Joint Council has concerns with the proposed law and have outlined these issues in a letter sent to the Romanian government.

In addition, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute sent a letter to Prime Minister Nastase urging international adoption be given priority over foster care. Twenty-one members of Congress signed the letter which was sent the week of February 16th.

On February 10, during discussions with the Embassy of Romania we were told that the law would be sent to the Parliament from the Cabinet sometime in February and that the Parliament is slated to pass the law in May. Afterwards, a six month implementation period would commence.

It appears that Prime Minister Nastase is under considerable pressure following reports of 105 children being approved for adoption during the moratorium by Italian families in December of 2003. While these children appear to have fallen under the emergency ordinance, this has spurned negative press against international adoption and some individuals have stated that Romania’s entry into the EU scheduled to occur in 2007 may be in jeopardy. On Friday, February 6, 2004 Romania repealed it’s Emergency Ordinance.

Joint Council has met with Congressional offices and is discussing the situation with the U.S. government. We are currently awaiting verification from the Department of State regarding the processing of pending cases now that the Emergency Ordinance has been suspended. As we learn of more information we will update this page.

The following is an expert from the State Department:

Update on Romanian Adoption Moratorium

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