Romania: Information on 101 “Pipeline” Cases


The Romanian office of adoptions has given the State Department information on 101 of the “pipeline” cases. These 101 families were contacted by the State Department on November 17th and 18th:

  • 94 of these cases will be closed (dossiers will be sent back to prospective parents in the US); Romania reports that these children have been re-integrated back into their family of origin
  • 2 adoptions will be completed because they are being adopted by biological grandparents
  • 5 will be completed because they are being adopted by adoptive American families who live in Romania

If you are one of the remaining families with a “pipeline” case, no information is currently available. The US Department of State plans to send a letter to these families to let them know that their case is still awaiting review by the Romanian government. JCICS will post all information regarding the remaining cases on this website as soon as it becomes available.

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