Romania: Chamber of Deputies Approves Adoptions Law


The Romanian Chamber of Deputies voted to approve the proposed adoption law that essential ceases all international adoptions (the only exception is adoption by a child’s grandparents). The law is now awaiting President Iliescu’s signature. Although the law provides him with 20 days to sign the bill, it is expected that he will do so relatively soon as he has made references to his intent to sign.

The next step is to follow up with the Romanians regarding pipeline cases. In February, it was indicated that cases with the President’s signature would be processed and we have heard no evidence contradicting this point. Although the law states that additional pending cases (those without the President’s signature) will be processed according to the new law (which prohibits international adoption therefore the cases would not be recognized) we are seeking clarification.

Our thoughts are with the children left behind with little hope of finding a permanent family and with the families who have endured years of waiting only to hear this difficult news. We will continue advocating for the children and will keep you apprised of any new developments.

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