Nepal: Completion of 400 Adoptions


Joint Council is very pleased to report that the Nepali Cabinet has approved the completion of the over 400 adoptions which have been suspended since April 2007.

With a goal of ensuring that each child retained the right to find a permanent, safe and loving family, this truly collaborative effort included the governments of the United States, Spain, Italy and France along with advocates such as Joint Council and service providers such as Faith International and Holt International. Undoubtedly, the nexus of our collective advocacy was a small group of loving and tenacious adoptive families. These families remain committed to the children referred to them over six months ago and to all Nepalese children.

Joint Council, along with other advocates will continue to work with the Nepali government to ensure the process of facilitating the adoptions serves the best interest of each child via an expeditious and legal manner.

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