Kazakhstan: Update from Joint Council Caucus

August 2003

Update from the Joint Council Kazakhstan Caucus:

Adoptions in Kazakhstan continue to be processed, with the recent slow down starting to abate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is checking all dossiers with extreme care. The adoption dossier is now required to have the translations attached to each page, as opposed to the previous updates advising that translations should be all together at the back of the dossier.

All translators must attach an authorization statement to the back of the dossier. Additionally, every single word on every single page of every document submitted should be translated. Previously translators have been summarizing and skipping certain passages.

The recent delays in adoption processing had to do with the change in policy and the new registration policies. By most reports the many government workers involved in adoption in Kazakhstan are working at maximum capacity and are apologetic for the delays and expect to get caught up soon. Agencies and families should be hopeful that cases will be running more smoothly soon.

The new registration procedures will add about 3-5 days to the average adoptive families’ in-country stays. Adoptive families do not need to travel to Astana, and may be represented by their facilitators for the registration in Astana. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Registration office is not accepting registration documents every working day and facilitators should check before heading to Astana. The good news is families no longer need to register their children after arriving home. The four post placement reports are still required and will be monitored by officials.

Rumors on chat sites about single women no longer being able to adopt and only one parent needing to travel to adopt, have been erroneous. The likelihood of being able to adopt more than one child not related by birth at the same time appears to depend on the region and the judge hearing the case. Families are advised to proceed with caution when wishing to adopt more than one child at the same time.

Agencies handling families with one non-American citizen spouse should be aware that their cases will be rejected. Such families are not encouraged to adopt from Kazakhstan.

For more information on adopting from Kazakhstan please consult the Embassy of Kazakhstan website.

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