What our Partners say

Check out some stats from our 2013 Partner Survey!

90% of our partners plan on renewing in 2014

96% of our partners say they rely on Joint Council for adoption-related news updates

98% of our partners are satisfied with Joint Council’s International Relations Initiative and Government Advocacy

92% of our partners believe Joint Council quickly and effectively responds to our concerns

Check out our 2014 Partner Snapshot and our 2014 Partner Survey Results!

Check out some quotes from some of our 2013 Partners!

“Networking made available through Joint Council listserves provides tremendous value. This forum to share issues and questions helps Partners save time, foster collaboration and establish a more rounded perspective for problem solving.  We have relied on the contributions from our colleagues innumerable times and always benefit from hearing a range of experiences.”  Sarah Mraz, Wide Horizons for Children, Director of International Programs

“As the adoption community continues to face challenges, especially in the international arena, the advocacy role played by Joint Council in working to effect significant policy changes becomes even more critical. While each agency, large or small, can and does have its own voice, we as a community are stronger when we band together and speak with one voice. Joint Council’s leadership allows us to do that…I do NOT view Joint Council as an advocate for Gladney. I view them as an advocate for the causes that are part of the foundation of my agency and I assume yours as well. The benefit to our individual agencies is captured in the cliché that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. The tireless work of Tom, Rebecca and the rest of their team on behalf of the causes near and dear to our hearts makes it a straightforward decision, and really a privilege, for me to renew Gladney’s partnership commitment to the Joint Council.” – Frank Garrott, Gladney Center for Adoption, President & CEO

“Workdays seem longer and adoption routes are tougher and more labor extensive each day. So when you find a shortcut to staying on top of the adoption community, you grab it! Jewish Child Care Association has been a Partner of Joint Council for many years. We read country lists and advocacy updates to stay informed for our clients. We attend annual conferences to add to our knowledge. We network with other agencies, professionals and organizations to build a resource team ready to meet the needs of our families (before, during and after they adopt). On a day-to-day basis, we can email one of Joint Council’s many caucus or info lists and get information or an opinion from colleagues (sometimes in minutes). The wealth of information and support is vast. The energy, commitment and passion of the Joint Council leadership is inspiring and boundless. Please consider partnership with Joint Council. Together we can make a world of difference for children and families around the world.” – Kathy Brodsky, Director of Ametz Adoption Program at Jewish Child Care Association


Join us and become a partner of the only global coalition working to advance the overall well-being of vulnerable children and their right to live in permanent family care!

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