Haiti: Sonje Lan Timoun – A Remembrance of Haiti’s Most Vulnerable

July 12, 2010

Sonje Lan Timoun – A Remembrance of Haiti’s Most Vulnerable

Beginning on Monday, Joint Council will conduct a remembrance of the January 12th earthquake. For five days we will honor those who perished in the January 12 earthquake, those who continue to struggle and all who work hand-in-hand with Haitians to create a better tomorrow for Haitian children.
Here are some of our ‘must see’ for this week. We hope that you will join us by sharing your thoughts and comments on our blog, Facebook and Twitter…and that we all remember the children of Haiti.

Monday on NPR – Did you know that we have a Global Awareness Campaign? We do and part of the campaign is working with the media. Tomorrow, Monday, July 12th , Joint Council’s Tom DiFilipo will do just that when he is a guest on FORUM, a radio broadcast by KQED (an affiliate of National Public Radio) on Monday, July 12th at 1:00 pm EST. Tom and three other guests will discuss the state of intercountry adoption and the crisis in Haiti. The show can be heard live, online at http://www.kqed.org/radio/listen/ at 1:00 pm EST.

Haitian Guest Blogger: Darlene Williams – Darlene is a Haitian teenager who went from the danger of the streets of Haiti to a loving family in the U.S.
Lan Timoun : A Six-Month Report on the Triumphs, Challenges and Failures of Providing Services to Children in Haiti.

Humanitarian Parole & The Haitian Twelve : Two separate reports updating the status of Haitian children who entered the U.S. under Humanitarian Parole and the twelve Haitian children who, after six-months, remain in an institution in Pennsylvania.

Joint Council Haiti- This week we will formally announce the creation of the Joint Council of Haiti. What is the Joint Council of Haiti? It is our effort to help those who help children. In Haiti, many NGOs, non-profits, churches and faith-based organizations work diligently for children, but they do it alone. Joint Council Haiti will bring them together to share resources, knowledge and programs. In short, we will do what we do best – help them help children.

Moving Past Humanitarian Parole: A Webinar on Finalizing Haitian Adoption and Gaining U.S. Citizenship for Adopted Children.

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