Haiti: Post-Earthquake January 19 Update

January 19, 2010 1:00 pm




(19 January 2010)-Emergency visas have been issued for many children already adopted in Haiti, and orphan arrivals into Pennsylvania and Florida have occurred and continue to occur. The situation is changing and evolving rapidly as adoptive parents and children prepare to unite. State and legal authorities are working to move the children from temporary locations into the permanency of their adoptive families. Three staff members of Kentucky Adoption Services are currently in Port-au-Prince communicating with the U.S. Embassy and personnel in Haiti for additional evacuation efforts. Files of additional children have recently been acquired from the rubble of collapsed orphanages. The United States Department of State and Department for Homeland Security continue to work in partnership with us, Joint Council on International Children’s Services, and numerous other governmental and non-governmental organizations during this time of catastrophe. Our advocacy efforts for the immediate evacuation of all children identified as orphans prior to the earthquake endures, as orphans are the most vulnerable within any country’s population. We are immensely grateful for the cooperation and assistance of the U.S. government and all others participating in this measure.

We respectfully request that all news media honor the work we are doing and refrain from publishing statements unconfirmed from our organization. In addition, we request that our workers be permitted to stay fully engaged with the urgent tasks at hand undistracted by interview requests. We are very grateful for your cooperation.

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