Haiti Complies with the Hague Convention

Based on today’s conference call with the Department of State (DOS) it appears that DOS will approve Hague adoptions from Haiti.  We applaud Haiti’s efforts to implement the Convention in a way that brings added protection to children and families while maintaining an active and uninterrupted adoption service for children in need.

DOS along with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducted a trip to Haiti and were very encouraged by the positive findings.  During the trip, both DOS and USCIS assessed whether Haiti met the requirements for Convention compliance, discussed with Haiti a plan for non-Hague adoption cases already in process and established a multi-nation working group to help with transition cases.

As more details are finalized on the many issues still at play we will continue to keep you informed.

Joint Council extends it congratulations to Haiti on achieving what few developing countries have; an uninterrupted transition to the Hague Convention.  We also applaud both DOS and USCIS for their positive approach and efforts regarding Haiti’s transition to Convention adoptions.

Following our fall advocacy trip to Haiti and as part of our multi-year Haiti Initiative, Joint Council will travel to Haiti in the coming weeks to continue our partnership with IBESR (Haiti’s Central Authority) and assist in building social services capacity for family preservation, reunification and adoption.

Again, our congratulations to Haiti for this unprecedented achievement.

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