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Our education seminars and webinars are a partnership between Joint Council and Adoption Learning Partners.

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Identity in Adoption: Mirrors and Windows

Live Webinar

May 7, 2015
7:00PM Central
Q&A: 8:00PM

Have you ever wondered just how much nature vs. nurture will play a role in your adopted child’s identity formation?

How will they balance these influences as they pull together their own understanding of who they are?

What can you do to help them?

Join moderator Leah Bloom, LMFT, an adopted person who was adopted from Korea, as she leads our panel of adopted persons through a discussion about the intricacies of identity formation in adoption. Our panel – adopted domestically, internationally and from foster care – will reflect back on their own experiences and answer YOUR questions about such things as:

  • What their adoptive parents did that helped them through the journey
  • What they wish their parents had done
  • Additional supportive elements and resources that have helped them mold their identity formation
  • Privacy concerns in sharing their adoption story
  • Feelings of loss related to their adoption what tends to trigger this
  • Curiosity and feelings about biological parents and how much they identify with them

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Recorded Webinars

FASD: Risk, Development, and Intervention
Join Dr. Ira Chasnoff as he helps parents sort through complications that may arise when raising a child who was exposed to alcohol before birth. Dr Chasnoff will explain the physical and developmental impact of pre-natal alcohol exposure on children as they grow. He will also offer practical intervention ideas and strategies that parents can use to help their child develop to their maximum potential.

Brothers and Sisters in Adoption: A Lunchtime Discussion with the Experts
Arleta James discusses helping children navigate relationships when new kids join the family. Our experts share transition tips and strategies for welcoming a toddler or school aged child home, focusing on preparing brothers and sisters prior to adoption and the first year after adoption.

An Insiders Guide to Identity and Adoption: Real Life Stories. Real Life Advice.
A guided discussion on the impact adoption has on identity formation. A panel of adult adoptees share personal stories from their childhood and teenage years, reflecting back on how adoption factored into their identity formation. Lead by Dr. Gina Samuels, a researcher, educator and adopted person, the panel gives adoptive parents practical insight into how they can best support their children to form a healthy sense of self.

Are You Sleeping?
An exploration of why young children (and their parents!) often sleep so poorly, and what to do about it! This webinar will help you formulate sleep strategies and trouble shoot specific sleep problems.

Food For Thought: The Impact of Poor Nutrition in Early Development
Dr. Dana Johnson, renowned international adoption physician, shares the results of his research on the common physical, cognitive, and behavioral impacts of poor nutrition on internationally adopted children.  Understand the impact of early nutritional deprivation, identify warning signs and help them catch up!  Food For Thought was produced in partnership with the SPOON Foundation.

Internationally Adopted Children: Nutritional Status, Effects and Intervention
In this webinar, for professionals only researchers discuss the impact of poor nutrition on neurodevelopment in internationally adopted children.

Is It An Adoption Thing?
Because many adoptive families struggle with the difficult task of sorting out if behaviors and challenges are adoption related or not, we asked an expert to help! Dr. Gregory Keck discusses common challenges at each developmental stage and offers real life examples and suggestions.

Snack, Play, Love : The Connection Between Nutrition and Your Child’s Behavior
Join Dr. Karyn Purvis as she discusses the most recent research on the impact nutrition can have on behavior.

Connecting Your Family, Inside And Out
Secure parent-child attachments are essential to healthy child development, but often adoption can present challenges to the process. World renowned attachment expert Dr. Dan Hughes shares family centered strategies on how to connect to your child as a toddler, tween and teen. Lynn Wetterberg presents ideas on finding attachment related resources and professional support.


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