Ethiopia: Joint Council Review & Assestment

September 28, 2009

Review and Assessment of Intercountry Adoption Practices in Ethiopia

Joint Council’s President, Tom DiFilipo, and Director of Programs and Services, Rebecca Harris, will travel to Ethiopia on October 2, 2009 for nine days. Meetings are currently being arranged with Ethiopian, U.S., and other government officials, adoption service providers, and other NGOs working in child protection and/or children’s services. While the goal of this advocacy trip are many, just one is to continue Joint Council’s broad-based review of intercountry adoption practices in Ethiopia.

Just as the Summary Statement of September 21 is not focused on one individual or entity, Joint Council’s review includes all individuals and organizations practicing intercountry adoption with particular attention to those practices that abuse children and families. Among other goals, Joint Council seeks to collaboratively identify all abuses, take action consummate with our mandate and policies, and, as appropriate, to demand a thorough investigation by the appropriate authorities.

Joint Council also seeks to strengthen those practices and organizations, which legally and ethically preserve existing families and support domestic and intercountry adoption as appropriate options for children living outside of permanent parental care. The presentation of the Joint Council Standards of Practice Second Edition to government officials, professionals in the field of children’s services, and the public, is a significant part of Joint Council’s larger efforts.

We again ask everyone – governments, NGOs, adoption service providers, adoptive families, and all who hold children and families as inviolate – to join in an effort to end victimization, to support the preservation and creation of safe, permanent families, and to protect the cornerstone of civilization: the family.

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