Congress Passes Adoption Tax Credit!

On January 1st, the US House of Representatives passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act (full text) which includes a permanent extension of the adoption tax credit and was signed into law on the 2nd.   As a more complete understanding of the law’s impact becomes available during this week, we will publish the details and specifics on how this impacts children and families.

This victory for children and families once again shows the need, value and strength of working as a united coalition.  Our thanks go out to the more than 50 Joint Council Partners who engaged with us on the tax credit and helped make it happen.

Click here to learn more and read the ATCWG Press Release

Joint Council also thanks those members of Congress who championed the adoption tax credit and ensured that children and families will continue to benefit from this very important assistance.   As a founding member of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, we also thank our colleagues on the executive committee and the more than 130 organizations involved in the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group for their diligent and important work with Congress and the Obama administration.

Please be on the lookout throughout the week for more information on the law’s impact and on our continued advocacy efforts.

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