Confused by the Adoption Tax Credit?

Adoption Tax Credit Working Group Publishes FAQ To Help With Your Adoption

The Adoption Tax Credit, recently signed into law by President Obama is rather complex and can also be confusing.  Given these complexities, the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, of which Joint Council is a founding member, has published a FAQ to help you gain an understanding of this important tool in completing your adoption.   We hope you find it useful in providing an explanation of the tax credit to your adoptive prospective adoptive families.

The FAQ, (click here) will also be available on the Working Group’s website later today.  Our thanks go out to the entire executive committee but especially to NACAC and Voice for Adoption for their leadership and expertise in crafting the FAQ.

The Adoption Tax Credit is a very important law but not perfect as it fails to truly assist children in US foster care to find a permanent and safe family.  The Working Group continues to advocate to make the tax credit fully refundable for all children and families.

Please continue to follow Joint Council (website, Facebook, Twitter) for additional updates and also follow the activities of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group on Facebook.


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