China: CCAA Addresses Matching Process


The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) posted the following on their website (

Regards to the length of time period during matching process

Recently, there are many speculations on the waiting time period for adoption process for inter-country adoption coming to China to adopt children. The
following will help clarify such concerns:

CCAA highly emphasizes on efficiency, effectiveness and quality, we have put unremitting effort to achieve this. But the length of processing time
after adoptive family apply for their application is correlated with the number of inter-country adopting families and the number with the adopting
children waiting to be adopted. If the number of adoptive families is higher than the number of children to be adopted, the waiting period will be
extended, on the other hand, if the number of children waiting for adoption out numbers the number of adoptive families, then the waiting period will
be shortened. Therefore, the waiting period for adoptive families will vary according to this and not due to inefficiency or other controlling factors.

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