Bulgaria: Availability of Children for Adoption


Statement on Adoptions from the US Embassy in Bulgaria:
(More information is available at http://sofia.usembassy.gov/adoption3.html)
Availability of Children for Adoption
Recent statistics reflect the following pattern for visa issuance to Bulgarian orphans adopted by American citizens:

  • 2001 295
  • 2002 257
  • 2003 198
  • 2004 110
  • 2005 29

The statistics for fiscal year 2005 show that the Embassy in Sofia issued 29 adoption visas. This number reflects the current trend of steady decline of foreign adoptions in Bulgaria. If this trends continues, we may expect less than 40 visas issued to Bulgarian orphans in FY 2006. The government of Bulgaria is pressed by the European Union to reduce the number of foreign adoptions and to find alternative methods of placement of orphans and neglected children. According to the most recent information from the Ministry of Justice, there are only 171 children children available for foreign adoption and about 1400 families and single parents from North America and Europe on the waiting list.
Approximately 80 % of the children have medical conditions. Please note that the parents’ applications are not processed in chronological order. An adoption Council at the Ministry of Justice reviews the applications and matches children to a proper family. Priority is given to parents wishing to adopt a child with medical condition.

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