Brazil: Hague Accreditation


The Department of State is working very closely with the Brazilian government to establish how the Hague Intercountry Adoption Convention, which entered into force for the U.S. in 2008, will affect future adoptions in Brazil.  At the moment, parents should expect a lengthy process because there is currently no U.S. Hague-accredited adoption service provider working in Brazil.  If you are not an immediate relative qualified to adopt via the Brazilian national adoption system, it is unlikely you will be permitted to adopt in Brazil for the foreseeable future.

The Brazilian government has not yet passed adoption-related legislation, which may change the criteria by which U.S. adoption service providers are evaluated.  Nor has Brazil re-opened the accreditation process for foreign service providers which would allow U.S. agencies to operate in Brazil. They are currently undertaking a review of all foreign service providers working in Brazil which may affect future evaluation criteria as well. These steps will likely take a year or more to be resolved.  Prospective adoptive parents should also be aware that children available for international adoption in Brazil are generally over 5 years of age, sibling pairs, or have special needs.

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