Joint Council Staff & Key Volunteers

Thomas DiFilipo, President & Chief Executive Officer

Tom DiFilipo serves as President and CEO of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.  As part of his work as a child advocate, Tom has elevated the cause of every child’s right to a permanent family through his travel to 28 countries, testimony before the U.S. Congress, service as a non-profit board member for the Council on Accreditation, Focus on Adoption, Discovery Ministries and Joint Council on International Children’s Services, and through presentations, speeches and guest lectures at over 40 child welfare convenings including the UNROW Human Rights Clinic at Washington University and the Russian Ministry of Education Conference on Child Protection.  Tom also advocates on behalf of children without family care through repeated appearances on CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, ROTIV Russia and numerous other media outlets.

Tom is currently a member of the Council on Accreditation’s Sponsoring Advisory Council and the executive committees of the Families for Orphans Coalition and the Children in Adversity Policy Partnership.

Prior to his position at Joint Council, Tom spent nine years as Vice President for the CASI Foundation, Chief Operations Officer for International Children’s Alliance and held executive positions at a variety of private corporations.

Rebecca Harris, Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Harris is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Joint Council on International Children’s Services.  Prior to serving as COO at Joint Council Rebecca served as Director of Programs and Services and Government Relations and Communications Officer at Joint Council.  In 2010 Rebecca was honored with the Board of Directors Outstanding Service to Children award for her work for children and families in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

 Rebecca holds a Masters of Non-Profit Management from Regis University.  A graduate of Long Island University Global Collage, Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Peace & Conflict.   Rebecca also served as an International Program Coordinator for an adoption service provider in Denver, CO.  Rebecca studied in Australia, England, and South Africa.  While in South Africa, she provided direct care for HIV positive orphans.  Rebecca was also a member of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Ex-Combatant Re-Skilling Project which transitioned South African soldiers into society.

Rachel Kennon, Programs and Services Assistant

Rachel Kennon is the Programs & Services Assistant for Joint Council on International Children’s Services. Rachel comes to Joint Council with years of administrative experience, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Bluefield College, and a passion for seeing every child grow up in a loving home. Rachel attributes this passion to her loving parents who helped mold her into the person she is today. During her time at Bluefield College, Rachel started a student lead organization known as Advocating Innocence. This organization was made of students, faculty, and staff that were dedicated to seeing the eradication of human trafficking through fundraising and awareness events. Rachel currently lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and their dog, Dexter.

Key Volunteers

23 Joint Council Members play an important role in informing Joint Council’s policies, programs and services.  These members serve as the Chairpersons of our Caucuses (large groups of professionals with expertise in select countries or service areas).  In total, over 93 volunteers play vital and ongoing roles in our service to children and families. 

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